1Yalda was born in Kabul Afghanistan and is one of the first Afghan females who has made her way out to Hollywood. She moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams in acting and singing; she is currently a recording artist. Her thirst for success has made her a force to be reckoned with. Working hard and setting goals are her main focus. Trained professionally in acting and being a woman of many talents such as: acting, singing, modeling, having military experience, martial arts, boxing, fitness enthusiast, fashion designing and dancing has helped her remain one step ahead of the game.

Yalda is also bilingual in four different languages. Although women in her country, she is not afraid to go out and pursue her dreams. The first step in her career was when she joined the Queen of the Universe pageant as Miss Afghanistan, which was a tough decision for her to make, but she isn’t afraid of a little challenge because she wants to open doors and opportunities for the future of Afghan women. Not only is she career driven, but she is very social and friendly. She makes people feel welcome with her warm smile and witty attitude.




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